New web pixI have lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 20 years now. I love its revitalization and passion for progress. However, I am fascinated with the beautiful architectural structures that were part of Chattanooga’s past but are now being demolished.  I find beauty in the rusty walls of an iron foundry, falling bricks of a delivery platform, and chipped paint of old homes. There is honor in their past, history that these walls could tell. My oil paintings of these places help leave a trace of their existence. And some have stood the test of time. Also, traveling cannot help but inspire a painter and my volunteer experience in Peru is no exception. In the new category “International Inspirations” you can share in the color and textures of foreign countries. I invite you to browse through my gallery to visit a few of Chattanooga’s historic sites and some foreign flavors as well.   I welcome you to listen to a radio interview that I had with WUTC regarding the work for my September show at In-Town Gallery. My interview.