Grain Towers, Chattanooga, 20x20, $550Various sites around the city of Chattanooga are undergoing constant change. The 700 block of Market Street is being torn down. The Strong Building (Terminal Building) was in such bad repair that when it was finally sold to be restored it was gutted and will look completely different than the original building.

There are many architectural sites in and around Chattanooga that are either in the process of being restored or have been restored. There are also still many sites that are still extremely threatened or are gone in the name of progress. The supermarket chain Publix has displaced the two Hixson houses in this collection. There are also two barns that hang in the balance….soon to be torn down.

The Dome Building, St. John’s Hotel, The First Methodist Church steeple, and the Industrial YMCA are still standing and either refurbished or in the process of being restored. St. Elmo, at the foot of Lookout Mt. has many historical structures. The fire station in this collection was restored as well as two of the homes featured. Other residences seen in this collection, the Highland Park and the Hixson home were selected for aesthetic reasons.

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